Welcome to Manduka Yoga!

My name is Michal Edelman.  I teach Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga to groups and private students, and am also a practitioner of Thai yoga massage.

I believe that every person, of every age and physical condition, can learn and practice yoga.

Yoga teaches us to relax from the never-ending effort of trying to succeed , of to advance and to improve… it teaches us just to be.

You can practice yoga anywhere, as part of your daily life. You don't need to become an ascetic, holed up in some cave, to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful discipline.

I was trained as a yoga instructor by Shimon Ben-Avi (a veteran teacher of Ashtanga/Vinyasa), and have studied under the guidance of other teachers in Israel and around the world.

As every long journey starts with a very small step – or in our case, with a breath on the yoga mat – I invite you to join one of our classes and begin a path of your own!

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, our classes are small and intimate, held in a family-like atmosphere with an emphasis on personal attention and a deepened understanding of the principles of yoga practice.

Private lessons can also be arranged, to provide you with more applied attention to your personal needs.

And for a special indulgence, I recommend a session of Thai yoga massage, a treatment based on application of pressure along the 12 channels of the body through measured stretches influenced by yoga poses. The treatment can improve all systems of the body and is invigorating and liberating – a type of 'passive yoga'.

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Michal Edelman



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